Viewer email – a viewer ashamed of President Obama

General Greene

See the email below.  I did not know that President Obama did not go to this funeral of General Green.  I don’t know if there is some protocol, or tradition that would keep the President (or Vice President) from the funeral and burial.   The viewer email included a link to an article (I do not know the website so you might want to do additional research):


“This week’s winner for greatest showing of the “President’s Phone It In” job performance is:

Not showing up himself, not at least sending the VP or the Secretary of Defense to the funeral of General Greene. He was the highest ranking officer killed since the Vietnam war and he got totally dissed by the White House! Not only am I ashamed of this president it has gotten so bad I am ashamed for him! …

CLICK HERE for the link the viewer sent with this email

I confess I found it disappointing that President Obama did not go to Neil Armstrong’s Memorial in Washington DC in September of 2012.  President Obama was out west at a fundraiser and sent his Chief of Staff.  I thought President Obama did not ‘get’ what a huge accomplishment, and such a huge source of national pride for America to beat the Russians to the moon.  Yes, he had a pre planned fundraiser, but I wish he had jumped on Air Force One after the fundraiser and returned home to attend it.  I would have liked to have him represent the United States at this important Memorial.  He could have done it but chose not to do so. He can’t go to every funeral or memorial — but there are a few that he should go to.  I thought this was one of them.