NYT Jeremy W. Peters sarcasm about #War on Christians — maybe someone should send him a link to a Boko Haram story? or ISIS? maybe a Youtube video of their violence targeted mostly at Chrisitans? or a story about Pastor Abedin in Iran? or maybe a link or two to some of my postings about Sudan’s President Bashir who is under indictment for genocide for killing Christians (and some Muslims – he tends to hate many)

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I admit….there is lots of targeted killing going on around the world.   

I have seen the atrocities with my own eyes — not just read about it from the comfort of a newsroom.  It is not just Christians being slaughtered and targeted but there are some groups who are specifically targeting Christians.  The school girls in Nigeria are still missing — said to be sold into slavery.  

Unless we put the spotlight on it, nothing will be done to try to stop it.   I know that sometimes there is a temptation to be snarky on Twitter and this may be just a momentary snarky tweet…but to the extent we in the media can keep putting the spotlight on people being slaughtered, we should.  

I confess my trips to refugee camps — Sudan, Haiti, Iraq — make this topic particularly raw for me.   I have seen thousands and thousands completely stateless…in fear, hungry, cold…not sure what the next day will bring…having fled their homes with only the clothes on their backs just to survive.  The suffering is hard to imagine.

Finally, there have been very ugly chapters in world history when people looked the other way.  Of course we can’t cover every atrocity, put a giant spotlight on every heartbreak, but we should do what we can, when we can.