THIS IS SO MESSED UP! NYT James Risen, a journalist, headed to jail for doing his job and CIA Director John Brennan ADMITS CIA COMMITTED CRIMES (domestic spying) and he gets to just say “sorry” and Holder won’t do his job and investigate!


I don’t know if Director Brennan is behind the domestic spying but he sure is not telling us who is and he knows who it is..and to add to the incredible abuse is that Attorney General Eric Holder won’t investigate the CIA’s domestic spying.  Holder says he does not have to enough evidence to open an investigation.  That is nuts. What is Holder’s problem?  How much more evidence does he need than a CONFESSION? That’s hitting the jackpot for a prosecutor!

Let me repeat: CIA Director Brennan said it happened….he admitted it…he confessed. Spying on American citizens by our own government (CIA) is very serious! It is not enough to just say ‘sorry.’

I don’t believe Holder really believes he doesn’t have enough evidence to open an investigation. He is hiding something. Holder should go back to the Superior Court for the District of Columbia where he was a judge for years and where every day of the week people were convicted IN HIS COURTROOM based on confessions.  Will that refresh his recollection as to what is needed to prove a crime?

The word to describe the Attorney General’s refusal to investigate the CIA committing a crime – domestic spying – when he has a confession is coverup.  (By the way, I hope our next A/G in the next administration will, despite the passing of time, open an investigation into this domestic spying. Maybe then we will also learn why Holder open an investigation. That is his job!

And speaking of doing one’s job….NYT James Risen does the unthinkable — his job…and now?  He faces jail for not giving up his sources about the CIA !

Holder and the Obama Administration want to throw him in jail for doing his job while they want a pass for not doing theirs. This is very messed up!