UPDATE on plan to retake the Mosul Dam – click to read


Below are two updates from FNC’s Jennifer Griffin


From: Griffin, Jennifer

Clarification: a second senior US official with knowledge of how the plans to retake Mosul dam says the reason we are hearing more from the Kurdish military about the operation is that it is mostly a Kurdish Peshmerga led effort. The Iraqi military is involved but less so than the Kurds. Please note the clarification….****…..The Iraqis have some explosive ordnance capabilities that they are sending to the dam.

This US official says the initial reports from the dam are good in terms of the progress that the Peshmerga are making but it will likely take more time to secure the dam completely.


From: Griffin, Jennifer

Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2014 11:23 AM

Subject: US military update on Mosul dam operation


According to a senior US official, both Iraqi and Kurdish troops are making their way toward the Mosul dam and may have in fact taken back parts of the dam. HOWEVER, US officials cautioning the fight to retake the dam is far from over. US airstrikes are ongoing. Today alone CENTCOM tallied the US airstrikes so far today to be 14. Yesterday there were 9 airstrikes. They are not over nor is the operation. US official tells Fox, “There is no indication that there have been complications so far.” But this official also says there is no indication that all of the ISIS fighters have abandoned their positions.


EDIT: The Kurdish military has been quicker at getting their message out but the Iraqi military is equally involved, according to US military sources. Iraqi government a bit slower to talk about the operation but make no mistake this is not merely a Kurdish led initiative.