WHERE IS THE HONOR? or BEING A GOOD EXAMPLE? This posting is not about Governor Perry’s indictment but about something else….

Below is an excerpt from today’s NYT. I don’t get it…a DA, whose job it is to prosecute crime (and I assume drunk driving is a crime in Texas), gets caught drunk driving, pleads guilty and does not resign. How can anyone begin to respect the law when those whose jobs it is to enforce the law violate it themselves with no real consequences? This DA should have done the honorable thing – resign the day she pleaded guilty and was sentenced. I don’t know if her drinking was a one time deal, or if she has a problem (which is a very tough problem to beat) but at some point ‘enough is enough.’ And what did the lawyers in the community say or do?  Did the Bar take any action?

And note — this posting has nothing to do with Governor Perry’s indictment. I have not studied it, read the facts or looked at the law.  This posting is only about a DA who gets caught drunk driving and does not resign at the time of the plea and sentencing. (Note that if she had gone to trial, and the matter still on appeal, it would not be over. She pleaded guilty, was sentenced and at that point, it was over.  That would have been the time to resign or retire.)

“…One Saturday night in April 2013, Ms. Lehmberg [DISTRICT ATTORNEY]was found by sheriff’s deputies with an open bottle of vodka in the front passenger seat of her car in a church parking lot in Austin and was arrested on a drunken-driving charge. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 45 days in jail…” (from today’s New York Times)