I am proud of my assistants .. and there is extreme pleasure mentoring young people

What makes my job really fun is all the young people I meet.

Over the years all my assistants have been smart, hard working, loyal and ambitious.  When I hire them I tell them  I only want them to work for me for 2 years (although I won’t throw them out at 2 years!)  Even though it is annoying to have to retrain new ones, I want them to have careers beyond me.  I don’t want them stuck in a job – I want them successful and doing new and exciting things. I also confess to them that I am tough to work for but there is a payoff at the end.  I tell them when their time commitment to me ends, I will help them get the job of their dreams and I won’t give up until I get it for them.  They have kept their words with me and I have kept mine with them.  Of course each of them has earned these jobs (below) and each has been qualified for them — I just make sure that they get the right training and discipline so that they are the top choices for employers.

Here is what my former assistants are doing and I am very proud of them:

2 lawyers

3 producers

1 correspondent

…and my current assistant, Jennifer Holton, you see here on GretaWire with her video reports.  She wants to be a correspondent so we are already building up a video resume and I am working with her on her reports.  I give her assignments so that she covers a wide range of topics to report on.  My colleagues Shannon Bream and Mike Emanuel (both incredibly smart) have also been very very gracious to her.  They have been giving her guidance and knowledge that I don’t have and I am grateful to them for helping.

It really is fun to see these assistants so successful.  I am proud of each of them.