TIME FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA TO CUT HIS VACATION SHORT AND COME HOME TO DC (and he could put on a tie when he is talking about the beheading – this vacation casual is unacceptable in the face of this atrocity)


I am impressed with the British Prime Minister David Cameron — he cut his holiday and returned home to London because of what is going on.  

And by the way, I am all for casual clothes — but he IS the President of the United States and he IS talking about a beheading of an American, not the annual Easter egg roll.  Put on a tie.  All eyes are on the President and he needs to convey the right message on all levels. 

PS I know I am upset and the President’s tie is a small thing.  I am just so furious at the cruelty of ISIS.  We did a SPECIAL on Friday that included so much of the cruelty of ISIS…and I have been to that area…so I am raw about it.  ISIS has no ounce of decency.