What do I think about the journalists in Ferguson?


I am not in Ferguson but I know the journalists (cable and print) who are…and I have seen or read their work both before and during this coverage.   Politico wrote a very thoughtful piece (link below) “Ferguson media get into the story” and worth reading (hence the link.)  I recommend you read it.

I stand with the journalists who are in Ferguson.  They are working hard and doing a great job (and I am talking about competitors and my colleagues.)  To the extent some might appear to have gotten into the story, it was inadvertent.  They are trying to do their jobs as thoroughly and as completely as they can.   And to the extent some may inadvertently become part of the story, viewers are extremely smart and can sort out reporting v. opinion.

As an aside, and as a viewer which I am every hour but between 7pm and 8pm,  I appreciate both opinion and fact reporting from the journalists ‘on the road.’  I don’t just want robotic facts —  I would like to know, based on their experience, and what they are seeing, what impressions and thoughts they might have.  Like other viewers, I know when it is opinion and when it is fact and I can sort it out and give whatever weight I want to it.

Finally … understand, while journalism is an easy job and each of us is lucky to have it… when you are ‘on the road,’ you often don’t eat much, and you can get incredibly sleep deprived.  When you have low blood sugar or are sleep deprived, no matter who you are, your nerves get raw.