Prosecutor in Michael Brown shooting case releases statement (click to read)

Robert McCulloch

Statement from prosecutor Robert McCulloch:

I appreciate and understand the concerns of those who honestly believe that I cannot or will not be fair to all in the gathering and presentation of the evidence pertaining to the tragic death of Michael Brown.  Although I understand the concerns, and do not take lightly the demands that I recuse myself from this case, I also recognize that I have a responsibility to the family of Michael Brown, the people of Ferguson and the entire community.

As I have stated repeatedly, I have no intention of walking away from the responsibilities and duties entrusted to me by the people of this community.  Additionally, there is no basis in the law to do so. I have faithfully and fairly carried out those responsibilities and duties for more than two decades and will continue to do so for at least the next four years.

I also recognize that the declaration of emergency by Governor Nixon grants the Governor exclusive power to remove me and my office from any further involvement in this matter.  Although I strongly believe that such action would be a mistake on the part of the governor, I do urge all seeking my removal to express those demands to the governor and, as I have, demand that he make a decision to remove this office or not remove this office and end this distraction.  Only the governor can answer this question.

We have begun presentation of evidence to the grand jury and will continue to do so in a fair, full and impartial manner. However, the governor must settle this issue now.  To leave this issue unresolved now leaves the possibility of exercising this power at a later date which will cause a significant and unwarranted delay in the resolution of the investigation and resolution of the case.  The family of Michael Brown deserves an answer, the people of Ferguson deserve an answer and the people of the entire area deserve an answer.