President Obama waited too long (why did he wait???!!) and the CIA gave him bum information


I keep posting and saying: time to clean house at the CIA.  Fire CIA Director Brennan!

The Director confessed the CIA did domestic spying (a crime) and then he lied about it..and then came clean when he got caught and apologized and just got a soft scolding from Sen Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee (I got tougher scoldings from the nuns in grade school for just whispering in class!)  Go figure, right? 

If you read below, you will see that the CIA gave President Obama intelligence about James Foley…the President waited almost 30 days  (for reasons totally unclear and now with obvious consequences)…and so when the President finally did green light the operation, Foley was gone.  His information was stale.  Why didn’t the CIA give the President better information?  Like information CURRENT to the operation? 


From Sunday Times of London:

“….The CIA had concluded that the base contained a secret prison in which a number of western hostages were languishing….

“…..Pentagon sources said Foley and the others might well have been rescued but Obama, concerned about the ramifications of US troops being killed or captured in Syria, took too long to authorise the mission.

Anthony Shaffer, a former lieutenant-colonel in US military intelligence who worked on covert operations, said: “I’m told it was almost a 30-day delay from when they said they wanted to go to when he finally gave the green light. They were ready to go in June to grab the guy [Foley] and they weren’t permitted.”