An answer to a GretaWire comment

From time to time I like to answer comments. Here is a comment posted here on GretaWire:

“Fox and white Americans are making black people riot! Al Sharpton is the firewall between black anger coming for your neighborhood. MLK tried to warn you and you had riots in America. Now Greta and all the bigots at Fox are trying to start a race riot by dogging out blacks, Native Americans, and Hispanics.”

RESPONSE FROM ME: Let’s get something straight. First, I will put my civil rights record up against anyone’s, including the person who wrote this comment. I spent years and years in the courtroom fighting for the rights of people of color.

Second, no one is making anyone riot. There is a big difference between passionate exercise of First Amendment (which incidentally I also spent years in the courtroom protecting) and rioting. The line? try looting.

Third, I would not put Reverend Al Sharpton in the same category as Martin Luther King. Anyone who has studied (or lived) history, studied MLK knows better.