Is the nation ‘down in the dumps?’

I don’t know about you…but I think the national mood is ‘down in the dumps.’  I don’t mean YOU are ‘down in the dumps’ or your friends or family — but the nation.  It doesn’t help that President Obama, who used to inspire crowds of thousands and thousands and thousands seems to have ditched us for the golf course.  He doesn’t seem to be trying to inspire anymore and that was his political weapon that he used so artfully – to inspire.  Given up?  Seems that way.

We need something to pick up the national mood. A strong confidant national mood will help rev up the economy. It makes everyone feel all is possible and so we all hustle and reach goals. A bad national mood drags everything down…makes everyone think nothing is possible.

Games can be exciting, and get us all rev’d up. The NFL season?  That helps ..but there is a cloud hanging over it when the NFL gives a tap on the wrist (2 game suspension) to a star player when he knocks his girlfriend (now wife) unconscious in a public elevator on tape. He will get booed when he plays those away games so get ready. So I am not counting on the NFL to grab all our attention and get the mood lifted.

So….any ideas? I think 2016 Presidential race will help. A good Presidential political race that captivates the nation’s attention might be fun. We will hear an exchange of ideas, lots of hope…and yes, promises (I think we often fall for promises, but they still can be inspiring.) Yes, of course, there will be elbows thrown in the 2016 race but everyone can handle that. A good Presidential race will have each of us thinking it will get better.

So…I don’t know about you, but the 2016 race can’t start soon enough for me.