THANK YOU ! # 1 at 7pm! (August numbers are in)

#1, One

We are almost at the 1 year mark of our new 7pm hour and we have been #1 at 7pm since our October 2013 launch and I can’t thank you enough.  Actually…you all get the credit since without you, it would not be.  I always think YOU should take the bow for the continued #1 ranking in our hour since you are so much a part of our ON THE RECORD.  You blog here, you tweet us…and of course, you watch.

And you know I remain grateful to you for making us #1 at 10pm for our 12 1/2 years at that hour!  I was so happy to get an earlier hour and happy that we were successful to the end of the run at 10pm.

Our small numbered staff works really hard for you (and for Fox) and they love that  you watch.  Your loyalty makes it really fun for them, too.  You don’t know the staff (except Griff Jenkins), but I wish you did.  You would like each one of them.

By the way, I know that many of you still are not happy that we moved to the 7pm hour.  I feel a bit guilty since I love the earlier hour.  It has changed my life!  Besides the fact that I no longer have meals of Dots from the vending machine, I get to spend more time with my family and friends… the summer…I get to drive home in the daylight…and not have to dodge the late night party people on the roads.

If you can’t watch us live at 7pm….can you DVR and watch later?  I don’t want you to miss the show.  We also have a 2am replay which might help for those of you on the west coast.