Thoughts about the Trump campaign and the controversy over journalist Michelle Fields


I don’t know what did or did not happen with the Trump campaign and journalist Michelle Fields.  I wasn’t there.  I know that each is blaming the other.  

But the media might want to ask itself if it is putting too much of a spotlight on this issue.  

It has crossed my mind that viewers / voters across the nation are thinking that we in the media put more of a spotlight on some non lethal shoving of one our own (a fellow journalist) than on gang shootings,  domestic violence or other.  

Yes, cover the story but use good judgment of how we do it – we don’t want to under do it or over do it.  Sometimes tempers flare, and regrettable things happen, but we should not make this an international crisis and it is not a First Amendment crisis.  It is a flap we should all get over.  

This is not to say, assuming it happened, that shoving a journalist (or anyone) is good – it is not.  

PS: I did report this story last night in a brief reader.