Below from FNC Jonathan Wachtel:


The United Nations has elected the Islamic Republic of Iran and several other repressive regimes to 45-nation Commission on the Status of Women and the powerful Committee on NGOs, which oversees human rights organizations worldwide. Iran has won seats on these prestigious and influential committees despite leading the world in executions per capita. According to Ahmed Shaheed, the UN special rapporteur for human rights in Iran, at least 176 people were put to death by early March of 2014 and more than 500 people executed in 2013, 57 publicly. The executed included 27 women and two children. Scores of political prisoners, human rights activists, and ethnic minorities have been killed, as well. These are officially documented figures, while other sources say the death toll is much higher. The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center claims that there has been a spike in executions since Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has come to power.


“Tragically, the UN’s election of regimes such as Iran, Sudan and Mauritania—governments that rape and torture political prisoners, subjugate women, and commit crimes against humanity from slavery to genocide—sends a message that crass politics trumps basic human rights. The UN is letting down millions of victims around the globe who look to the world body for vital protection,” says Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, a non-governmental Geneva-based human rights group.

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