from FNC Joy Lin:


From senior administration official:

In his speech, the President will say that he is ordering a transition that will end the Section 215 telephone metadata program as it currently exists, and move to a program that preserves the capabilities we need without the government holding this bulk meta-data. The President believes that the 215 program addresses important capabilities that allow us to counter-terrorism, but that we can and should be able to preserve those capabilities while addressing the privacy and civil liberties concerns that are raised by the government holding this meta-data.

– Effective immediately, we will take steps to modify the program so that a judicial finding is required before we query the database.
– He has asked the Attorney General and the intelligence community to report back to him before the program comes up for reauthorization on March 28th on how we can preserve the necessary capabilities of the program, without the government holding the meta-data.
– At the same time, he will consult with the relevant committees in Congress to seek their views