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First, 4.2m have now enrolled (Oct 1 to end of February.) Remember that Secretary Sebelius said the number for success would be 7m by end of March.  She has since denied saying the 7m but we have it on tape.  Note also enrolled does not mean paid – which is important.

Second, the Administration said it needed 38% of the enrollees to be in the age group 18-34.  Per the just released numbers, only 25% are.

Note: the enrollment period ends March 31 so the Administration still has 4 weeks more of enrollees ….they are far off their goals.





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Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace climbs to 4.2 million in February 27 percent of February Federal Marketplace enrollees are young adults

Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace continued to rise in February to a five-month total of 4.2 million.

As in January, the percent of young adults who selected a Marketplace plan was 3 percentage points higher than it was from October through December (27 percent versus 24 percent). Based on enrollment patterns in other health care programs, it is expected that more people will sign up as we get closer to the March 31st deadline.

“Over 4.2 million Americans have signed up for affordable plans through the Marketplace,” said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “Now, during this final month of open enrollment our message to the American people is this: you still have time to get covered, but you’ll want to sign up today – the deadline is March 31st.”

Key findings from today’s report include:

 More than 4.2 million (4,242,300) people selected Marketplace plans from Oct. 1, 2013, through Mar. 1, 2014, including 1.6 million in the State Based Marketplaces and 2.6 million in the Federally-facilitated Marketplace. About 943,000 people enrolled in the Health Insurance Marketplace plans in the February reporting period, which concluded March 1, 2014.

 Of the more than 4.2 million:

o 55 percent are female and 45 percent are male;

o 31 percent are age 34 and under;

o 25 percent are between the ages of 18 and 34;

o 63 percent selected a Silver plan (up one percentage point over the prior reporting period), while 18 percent selected a Bronze plan (down one point); and

o 83 percent selected a plan and are eligible to receive Financial Assistance (up one point).


Today’s report details state-by-state information where available. In some states, only partial datasets were available. – more – EMBARGOED UNTIL Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 4:00 PM EST

EMBARGOED UNTIL Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 4:00 PM EST


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The report features cumulative data for the five-month reporting period because some people apply, shop, and select a plan across monthly reporting periods. Enrollment is measured as those who selected a plan.

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