BREAKING NEWS: Top Ranger who helped save Jessica Lynch dies from wounds in Afghanistan


FNC’S Jennifer Griffin reports…

Command Sargent Major Marty “Gunny” Barreras dies, after being shot by a sniper in Heart, Afghanistan on May 6. He had made it to the US and was being treated at Brooke Army Medical Center when he died on May 13. His burial is being planned for a later date.

From a friend:

Our Ranger brother SGM (Ret) Ted Kennedy met him in Landsthul where the Docs told everyone Marty would make a full recovery. We were all set to receive him here at Walter Reed this passed Sunday, but Marty opted to head home and Brooks Army Hospital – closer to Melinda and the kids.  It was Tuesday morning when it came as a shock and the Ranger network came alive again saying that Gunny had passed. Apparently his arterial graft didn’t take and he bled out. Early Tuesday in the morning after coming out of a successful surgery, he kissed Melinda and told her to go home and get some sleep. A few hours later he called out to the nurse, but it was too late, he bled out.

Marty led the Rescue Force that conducted the POW Rescue of Jessica Lynch. He was the 1SG of B Co 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and he personally handed her to the ST-6 Assault Leader to make the transfer to the helo’s for the fixed wing transload and evac. Marty never even asked for a thank you. Marty and his Rangers stayed on target long after all elements exfil’ed and the “Clam Shell ” call came, to dig up, under fire, the bodies of Jessica Lynch’s  comrades who the Iraqi’s buried in the sandy courtyard. They braved counter attack after counter attack but Marty wouldn’t leave until he had all of the 504th Maintenance Company’s MIA’s accounted for – there were 9. Marty was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor and selected for a year long detail to OGA as the Team Lead of 5 other Rangers to conduct a covered National Mission Set.