TWO SOURCES TELL FNC’s Ed Henry: President Obama will nominate former Sen Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary (click for more info)

below is email from FNC’s Ed Henry:


President Obama will nominate former Sen. Chick Hagel as Defense Secretary, per two sources close to the process. 

The sources said the President is expected to make the announcement official on Monday, amid what is going to likely be a very bruising confirmation battle. He would replace Leon Panetta, who has signaled he wants to retire to California. 

Officials close to the White House have talked Hagel up as a patriot who served in the military with distinction during the Vietnam War, and someone who shares the President’s skepticism about both potential conflict with Iran and a large US footprint in Afghanistan. 

Conservatives, including Sen. Ted Cruz on Fox News Sunday too, have sharply questioned whether Hagel is too soft on Iran and not a strong enough ally to Israel. 

Liberals, meanwhile, have expressed anger over an anyi-gay remark Hagel made in the Clinton administration for which he recently apologized for.