A topic to revisit: when cable news anchors talk about each other, is that news? or entertainment? or gossip? obsession? and if you think it not news, is it ever news?


Yes, of course what other networks do on air can be news.  From time to time, I talk about it ON THE RECORD at 7pm. And yes, of course, what Fox does on air can be news to other networks, too.

But from time to time I wonder if we in the news business are just too consumed with what each other does or does not do.   People in news business are not the center of the universe but when we spend so much time talking about each other it does perhaps convey the message we think we are.

While we may be curious what a competitor network does (I can be), I always wonder if at home the viewers are thinking, “you all talk too much about each other.  Give it a rest!  If we wanted to know what is being aired on another network, we would watch!” 

What do you think?