Are you paid what you are worth? post your answer (and read mine)

I just watched a web video where a famous woman was asked that question (whether she gets paid what she is worth) and I wondered how I would answer it. How do you answer a question like that?

Where and when I grew up, it was rude to discuss money — and for that reason in 20 years of TV  contracts, you have never seen me discuss or leak information about money – but I know many people talk about it, leak it, brag about it and even lie about it (some times lie just to make themselves look important.) I have always thought that very bad manners and let’s face it, some really fine, smart, decent people elect to hold jobs or enter occupations where they make a very big positive difference in others’ lives yet get paid very little.

A woman gets paid her worth when her answer is “I get paid what men doing the same job get paid.”

Women with powerful positions – whether it be corporate America or law or Police Chief or Professor or High School principal or any other leadership job – who accept less than what the men get paid for essentially the same job are hurting women. It makes it ok to pay women less (at all pay scales) than what the men get. And worse? The women are not helping young women and girls who are / will be entering the work force in the years to come.

Woman should never be afraid to demand equal pay. They deserve it.

So now my questions to you: do you get paid what you are worth? If you are a woman, are you getting paid what a man would get paid holding essentially the same job? And if you are a man, are the women in your life getting paid what men get paid doing the same work?