Thank you VERY VERY MUCH GretaWire blogger Hershey … it was sweet of you

I just received the note below … it was sent to PetConnectRescue by GretaWire blogger Hershey and then forwarded to me.  It was very, very, very sweet of Hershey to make this donation to PetConnect in my honor and it is much appreciated.  I am flattered beyond words.  It is extremely kind of her.  Hershey, thank you.  The pets at PetConnect thank you, too.

Here is her note to PetConnect:

Please accept this small donation in honor of Greta Van Susteren of On the Record-Fox for her hard work and compassion in reporting news. I wanted my Chef Son to prepare food to send over the Denver Fox 31 News Office but he’s in the Colorado Mountains camping this week. This small donation to one of her favorite charities will be in place of a gift of food.

My best, ***** blogger ‘Hershey'”

To read about PetConnectRescue, my favorite pet charity, click here.

What I love about PetConnectRescue, besides their love of animals, is that everyone who works there is a volunteer which means every dime that is donated goes to taking care of pets.  There are no fancy cars or dinners or big salaries — only big hearts for the pets so 100 per cent of the contributions goes to the pets.

As an aside…..I just got home from Colorado about an hour ago.  My husband met me at the airport in Baltimore with “I didn’t want to tell you last night while you were away….first, let me emphasize, Dottie is OK….she spent the night at the animal hospital….she is home now and fine.”  It turns out that after I left yesterday, our youngest dog Dottie was throwing up and my husband was suspicious that something was very wrong.. he took her to the animal hospital…she had some tests….they found a problem that can be corrected….they kept her all night so she could have an IV all night long and so that she could get further tests after some medicine……and he made sure she was home before I got home.”  

I walked into the house and she seemed fine…she jumped all over me when she saw me (she looks cute with her shaved leg from the IV.)