Governor Mitt Romney on Senator Rick Santorum [from FNC colleague Christopher Laible] -

"There are a bunch of Republicans running, well, we’re down to four now. But there were a bunch now we’re four. And of those four we’ll all hear people talk about what they’ll do to try and shrink the size of the federal government to cut back on spending. But you have to look at people’s records as well as their words. And I know that Sen. Santorum is getting his moment in the spotlight now, which is a good thing. I hope people take a very close look at his record. Because he was in Congress for about 20 years and during that time the size of the federal government doubled during his time in office. And by the way he voted to raise the debt ceiling five different times without compensating cuts. And he’s a big proponent of earmarks. He voted for billions of dollars of earmarks including the bridge to nowhere. If you want a fiscal conservative you can’t vote for Rick Santorum cause he’s not, he’s not a deficit hawk, he says he’s not a deficit hawk. I am. I'm a fiscal conservative. Ill balance the budget."