Senator John Thune, Senate sponsor of the Sequestration Transparency Act (sent to me by FNC's John Brandt) -

"Instead of working with Congress to avert the scheduled across-the-board cuts that will have a devastating impact on our national security, the Obama administration has sought to deceive the American people. Federal law requires contractors to notify employees of any potential layoffs 60 days in advance, and today marks 60 days until the U.S. economy goes over the Fiscal Cliff in part because of President Obama’s cuts to our national defense. By encouraging federal contractors to ignore the law and not issue WARN Act notices to employees whose jobs are on the line, the Obama administration has continued to try to hide from the consequences of its failed economic policies. While defense contractors have been given assurances by President Obama that their legal bills will be covered if they are sued for violating the WARN Act, I will do all I can to prevent the taxpayers from being on the hook."