Caught on camera: couple rescues bear cubs trapped in dumpster

A mother bear and her three cubs went on a dumpster-diving adventure but it went wrong when the three cubs got stuck in the dumpster. The mother bear stayed near her cubs all night but she couldn’t get them out.

Luckily, a New Mexico couple heard the bears crying and jumped in to help. The husband drove his truck up to the dumpster and his wife lowered a ladder inside.

Then the couple quickly drove away. As soon as they did, the bear cubs all climbed up the ladder and out of the dumpster.
Then the mother and baby bears went on their way. So all’s well that ends well. But the couple didn’t know what the bears would do when they approached them, so the rescue was a little risky.

What do you think? Was the bear rescue brave or stupid? Watch the video and post your thoughts below!