VIDEO: Governor Huntsman outside White House gets swarmed!

Just a short time ago, and outside the White House and the Treasury Department, we interviewed candidate for President, Governor Jon Huntsman for tonight’s ON THE RECORD at 10pm. He was swarmed by fans – Chinese Americans and Chinese tourists.  He is VERY popular with them having been the Ambassador to China.

(And by the way, no, he was not at that location to “measure the curtains.”  We, not the Governor or his campaign, chose the location because I had to be some place nearby – National Press Club – and he had to be some place nearby and, with all the scheduling issues, the interview could not happen unless we had a mutually convenient location.  The promenade in front of the White House and the Treasury was perfect since the people in the area – security – are used to the media and we could make the arrangements at the last minute.  Let me repeat, WE chose the location and the Governor did not.  He was trying to accommodate our scheduling issues.)