How far back is FAIR? this political ad reaches back to a vote 21 years ago by the candidate — is that fair? Maybe we should find out how the candidate would vote TODAY?

I don’t know about you — but I like that in the law we have a statue of limitations.  You can just go back so far and then it becomes unfair.   Over time, and over a long time, peoples’ memories fade and they lose the ability to defend themselves and hence the limitation in law.

And in politics? people change over many, many years.  I am sure you are not the same person you were 21 years ago.  Politics does not have a statute of limitations but maybe they should all think about it – not legislate it but just all sort of follow it, make it part of the political culture to only go back so far.

The question for me, if I were a voter in New Mexico, is how would this candidate vote today on issues (and perhaps the last 10 years and of course tomorrow.)