I know the ON THE RECORD STAFF WILL MAKE FUN OF ME FOR THIS POSTING …. what do Appleton and the Super Bowl have in common?

Some trivia….I was just watching the Super Bowl ads on line and see that actor Willem Dafoe is in the Mercedes-Benz ad.  I grew up with him – Willem is from Appleton (or as the staff would tease me, ‘isn’t everyone from Appleton?’)  His Father was one of the few family doctors in town and Willem, who I have not see in years, was just about the nicest kid in town.  And if he was not the nicest, then it was one of his siblings.

And while I am bragging…we have had other Super Bowl stars from Appleton (and this will test your Super Bowl trivia knowledge) — do you know who Rocky Bleier is?  He went to my high school but graduated many years ahead of me – he is a legend at my high school.