The White House needs to “give it a rest”

I know the White House can be a bit paranoid and think that we at Fox are all sitting around thinking of ways to mess with them….but really, this is pretty petty!

Our newest correspondent, Ed Henry, was doing his job – trying to get a full answer from the President’s Press Secretary.  And when Ed did not get an answer, he did what any strong journalist would do or should do – he continue to probe.  So did the Press Secretary then answer the question?  No… instead the Press Secretary went petty and exposed some (apparently) underlying resentment.  He tried to insult Ed and suggest Ed’s questioning was somehow part of some Fox agenda or attempt to make a statement at Fox (“creating a thing for Fox.”)

I am actually surprised the White House Press Secretary acted that way to Ed.  In his “former life” Jay Carney was a journalist and he knows the job is to get answers.  This was a cheap shot.

The partial video is posted here.