WAR on WOMEN? This is a test of decency – who will speak out against this behavior? and who will be silent?

I am curious who will have the decency to speak out about this.  It does not go unnoticed by me that the Democrats are talking alot about what they call a WAR ON WOMEN — so I expect them to be out front on this one…. appalled and outspoken about his even though a political opponent.

By the way, on YouTube, this is below the video: “Gov. Nikki Haley has been vicious to organized labor, saying in her State of the State address that “unions are not needed, wanted or welcome in South Carolina.” After years of being treated like a union thug, Donna Dewitt gets sweet revenge at a retirement reception in her honor.  NOTE: TO WATCH THIS VIDEO, YOU MAY NEED TO CLICK ON THE ‘WATCH ON YOUTUBE’ LINK THAT COMES UP IN THE PLAYER