This is why I hate Sudan’s President Bashir — and one year later this is STILL going on – absolute evil

A year ago I went to Sudan and South Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse.  When we traveled, we had to cake mud all over our vehicles so that President Bashir’s bombers would not see us and drop a bomb on us.  We went into caves where families – yes, children – were starving to death and hiding from the bombers hoping not to get  killed by the bombs.  The bombs are directly targeted for them.

 The temperatures were about 110 degrees, no water, and to walk to a refugee camp 100 or so miles away would be without shoes over hot hot hot soil/sand.   Churches and schools were bombed…for no reason except evil.

This video was shot recently and it shows the evil and cruelty continues…when will it stop? will it stop?  How can anyone be this cruel?  The people President Bashir is killing just want the killing to stop – they don’t want anything else from the world.  They are not asking for money…just the ability to live their lives without hiding their families in caves and trying to find bugs and leaves to eat.  Is that really too much to ask? 

President Bashir is evil beyond words…. (not to mention laughable as the newspaper he controls accused me of lying about what I saw and said I was part of Mossad…)