This would have been an interesting guest for me to bring to White House Correpsondents Dinner

I posted this video sent to me from Sudan about a month ago…someone suggested I should have brought him to the WHCD.  I thought I would repost this video.  (And by the way, he asks me in the video not to forget the people of the Nuba Mountain….and I have not..and will not.  I am practically stalking President Bashir of Sudan. Every time he leave the Sudan I post the hosting country should arrest him on the ICC warrant for genocide.)

This video was emailed to me a short time ago. When I traveled with Reverend Franklin Graham to Sudan and South Sudan, I met this man in this video. He and his group of fighters were hiding in the mountains because President Bashir really really wants to kill him and them. They are risking their lives to try to protect the people of the Nuba Mountains from the bombings, arsons etc of Sudan’s President Bashir. When I was in the Nuba Mountains, I saw the bombers overhead – trolling and looking for people to drop bombs on. I also saw a giant crater about 100 yards from a school – a bomb was dropped mid day when kids were in school but the bomb missed the school. By the way, when Bashir is not able to bomb his people in the Nuba Mountains, he is busy making sure they have no access to food and water. You have seen here on GretaWire the pics of the children starving to death.