VIDEO: Flying in PEA SOUP OVER MOUNTAINS to get to wounded soldier and their spouses

As you know, last weekend I went to Alaska – way out in the bush – to fish with wounded soldiers and their spouses in a summer long program run by Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse.  Each week 10 new couples arrive and get the best time of their lives! (and they so deserve it!)

I flew all night to Alaska (right after ON THE RECORD Thursday night) and when I arrived early morning in Alaska, I had still another flight to get to the Samaritan’s Purse fishing camp — a flight of about 150 miles west (way, way, way far away from civilization!)

And who was my pilot on the small plane flight to the camp?  Reverend Franklin Graham.  We flew through pea soup  (see the video) but I always feel safe flying with Rev.  Graham.  He is a great pilot (I have also flown into Pyongyang, North Korea with him in very very very bad weather….bumps and pea soup….yikes!)

As I sat in the backseat of the small plane (Rev Graham at the controls and my husband in the front passenger seat), I shot some video so you would have a sense of the flight.  We could not see an inch in front of us!  It was safe (obviously) but if you are a bit queasy, you  might not like a flight thru pea soup and mountains.

And one more reminder about OPERATION HEAL OUR PATRIOTS — if you want to read more about it,


and if you can donate, that would be greatly appreciated.  Helping these wounded soldiers and theirs wives is important.   I understand if you can’t help / donate now (these are tough times for many Americans) but even a few dollars heaps.

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