You know I went to Sudan (Nuba Mountain region) and South Sudan in April with Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse.  I brought my cameras so that I could bring you via GretaWire.  I have posted many times about the cruelty that President Bashir is imposing upon innocent people.  You have seen the pictures and video of the starving people — hiding in caves because Sudan’s President Bashir is burning the villages and his soldiers raping the women.  I have showed you children dying of malnutrition having fled the Sudanese military trying to kill them.  I have shown you bugs that the people gather to eat since they have other food.   They are dying of thirst with no water and temperatures of 100 or more.  They have no shoes and walk on the rough terrain that burns their feet as they try to flee the Nuba Mountains for a refugee camp in South Sudan.   You have seen much and you know more about this crisis than others because this is an ignored story.  I am trying to draw attention to it.

  Samaritans Purse and Reverend Graham have tried to take care of those who make it to the refugee camps – it is days and days of walking with no food, no water and fearing an attack.  Not everyone makes it to the refugee camps in South Sudan and you can imagine their condition if they do make it to the refugee camps — some survive, some do not.  It is a dire situation.   Families get split up as they flee the persecution.  They have no way of ever finding each other again.  I could go on and on….it is a crisis beyond description.

This posting is text and a video from American Ryan Boyette – he has been living in the Nuba Mountains for 9+ years and is married to a Sudanese woman.  Ryan is trying to get the word out about what is going on — but it is hard to get attention to this crisis.  I have a link below to Ryan’s website.  I urge you to click on it and go there.

  The posted video (which I urge you to watch) is proof of the horrible cruelty of Sudan’s President Bashir.  The World looks the other way while this cruel man continues to terrorize (and murder) thousands and thousands of innocents.  President Bashir is under indictment by the ICC for genocide in the Darfur region and now he has turned his attention to another part of his country – the Nuba Mountains. 

Isn’t there some way to stop this?  President Bashir was two weeks ago in Egypt — he should have been arrested — instead President Morsi of Egypt gave him a Head of State visit.   I would have hoped the USA had enough diplomatic muscle and moral authority that Bashir be arrested when he steps out of his country and into that of our allies.

Here is Ryan’s report:

Nuba Reports obtained cell phone footage of uniformed men attacking and burning the village of Gardud al Badry, a small farming community in northeastern South Kordofan. The video, shot on May 18th, 2012, is damning proof that the campaign of violence from Khartoum wages on against the people of Nuba.


Since July 2011, when fighting escalated between the SPLA-N and Khartoum forces, villages near the front lines, like Gardud al Badry, are often the victim.


Sudan’s Central Reserve Police, known as Abu Tira, a force renowned for cruel tactics,   CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE