WATCH THIS VIDEO: I met Gary Mendell yesterday and then saw this video…it is one of those videos that “stops you in your tracks” – Gary had a question for me (click to read and watch this video)

Gary’s son died after struggling with drug addiction.   He and his wife have a broken heart – of course.  In an effort to heal that permanent break or to ease it, he and his wife are trying to help others.  They do not want other families to suffer as they are.

This PSA video is part of what they are doing.  Please watch it.  Gary is the man you see in the first frame of the video.  (When you talk to Gary and his wife, you feel their pain…it is that deep.)

In our very brief conversation, Gary asked me this question, “how do I get the anchors and correspondents on television to stop making jokes and laughing about the legalization of marijuana?”

As I understood his question, he is worried about the young.  His son started using drugs young.

Gary fears that the joking reporting about the legalization of marijuana (and I have seen it, there is some)  – as opposed to “poker face just the facts reporting” makes marijuana funny or cool for the young.

Watch the video…and tell me what you think.

Gary and his wife are trying to turn their tragedy into helping other families avoid their heartache.

I told Gary I would post this video that I saw yesterday if he would send me the link.  He did…and I have.