What do you think of this Chris Wallace question to Rep Michele Bachmann?

(By the way, I did not put the title on this youtube video…I took the video from youtube and it had it on it….if I find a clean one without the title, I will replace this one.  Mediaite.com has a more complete video than I have here and you may check it out there.)

In watching the above, ask yourself these questions:

– is this how Chris Wallace would ask the same question of a man?

– is this hard hitting journalism or something else?

– is this question ‘insulting’ as Rep Bachmann says or a fair question to be asked?

– if you have a problem with the question asked, is it because of the manner in which it is asked? who asked it? to whom it was asked?  the words used? or something else?  is this her “reputation” or do you think Chris Wallace is giving his own opinion and hiding it by saying “reputation?”

We are marching into a very important political season.  It is imperative that we in the media challenge the candidates very, very, very aggressively – but fairly.  You tell me what you think about this….I am curious as to your thoughts.

One last thought about journalism – you can be tough and aggressive with blunt and direct questions.