17,000 showed up….big event outside the White House but cold! (40 degrees!) – click to read

Subject: Pool print #9


Forgot crowd count in last report: 17k total. 3k seated and 14k standing, according to Natl Park Service.


Temp: 40 degrees


Check Potus remarks against transcript of course. Kinda loud out here.


“We’ve been lighting the national Christmas tree for 90 years, in times of war and peace, trial, tragedy. We always come together to rejoice the Christmas miracle.”


“But our tree has been having a hard time recently. This is our third one in as many years.”


“A longstanding tree was lost in a storm. Then the replacement didn’t take hold. Just goes to show nobody’s job is safe in Washington.’


“I feel good about this one. It was planted just days before Hurricane Sandy and it made it in one piece.”


“Our neighbors to the north saw a more ruthless and destructive Sandy. This holiday season is especially difficult for families who lost everything.”


pOTUS joined his family and singers on stage for a singalong of ‘Santa Claus is comin to town’


Pool about to roll at 649 pm




Allison Sherry

The Denver Post Washington Bureau