AF1 had landed in Paris (I am jealous!) – click for the latest

Subject: Pool report #6

Air Force One landed at Orly airport outside Paris at 5.42 pm.


Ben Rhodes gaggled in flight to readout the G7 summit and the Cameron bilat

“We believe the most important element coming out of this G7 is that all of the G7 countries are aligned on the message they are sending to Russia.”


He said that to avoid action, Russia must recognize the Ukrainian election, and recognize President-elect Poroshenko as the legitimate leader of Ukraine.


“We also want to see Russia stopping the flow of arms and material and people across the border.”


“We want there to be one message to Russia.”


“We clearly believe it is most important for there to be dialogue with the government of Ukraine. It is not for Russia and the United States to talk together about the future of Ukraine.”


“What the leaders agreed is they will be looking at both the actions Putin makes and the actions that he doesn’t take.”



Rhodes said that several G7 leaders mentioned the president’s emissions plan which he said had given “momentum” to effort to agree a global framework on climate change next year.




He said the leaders also discussed global health security and the importance of global growth and combating long term unemployment.



More to come




Stephen Collinson

AFP White House Correspondent