Air Force 1 refuels at Dakar, Senegal

WH Pool Report No. 3

AF1 Refuel at Dakar, Senegal

December 9, 2013


We are wrapping up the refuel here in Dakar at 915PM local time.


A little more color from the plane.


During the flight, the Obamas are in his cabin, the Bushes in the medical office just behind, and Hillary Clinton in the senior staff cabin behind that. Except of course, when they are chatting in the conference room as Jay Carney said in the gaggle. And as mentioned in earlier report, Bush spent a total of about 90 minutes in press cabin on a couple occasions during the flight.


Pool did catch glimpses of a couple of the other travelers of note after we landed in Dakar.


National Security Adviser Susan Rice stuck her head in briefly.


And Attorney General Eric Holder passed through before realizing the treacherous territory he’d ventured into and moving on.


And just before departure former Secretary Clinton came by…..where she is as we head for the runway






Josh Gerstein