Back at White House

More than 75 hours after he left for his European trip, POTUS has arrived back at the White House.

Marine One touched down on the South Lawn at 12:48am. The entire family emerged down the steps and strolled on the lawn toward the White House. POTUS and Malia walked first, holding hands, chatting, and laughing. The First Lady and Sasha followed a few paces behind, also smiling, with their arms linked.

POTUS, in a blue blazer and white shirt, waved and smiled at the pool gathered nearby. He seemed in a good mood. It is unclear whether he was just glad to be home, or whether it had to do with his Blackhawks 6-5 overtime win over the Bruins.

And with that, we have a lid.

Matt Viser, national political reporter
The Boston Globe, Washington Bureau