Background on the President’s announcement ….

Subject: WH in-town pool report #1

WH Pool Report #1

Background on the president’s gun violence announcement, from a White House official:

The audience for today’s event includes children who have written the President about gun violence and their families; families of Newtown victims; representatives from a broad coalition of stakeholder groups including law enforcement, gun safety advocates, educators, sportsmen, health and philanthropic leaders; Cabinet and administration officials; members of Congress; and people that have used the White House’s We the People online petitions platform to speak out on reducing gun violence.

Stage Participants

· Grant Fritz, 8-year old letter writer

· Elisabeth Carlin, Grant’s Mom

· Julia Stokes, 11-year old letter writer

· Dr. Theophil Stokes, Julia’s Dad

· Hinna Zeejah, 8-year old letter writer

· Nadia Zeejah, Hinna’s Mom

· Taejah Goode, 10-year old letter writer

· Kimberly Graves, Taejah’s Mom


Administration Officials

· Attorney General Eric Holder


· Secretary Kathleen Sebelius


· Secretary Arne Duncan


· Secretary Janet Napolitano


· Secretary Ken Salazar


· Secretary Tom Vilsack


· Secretary Ray LaHood


· ATF Acting Director Todd Jones




Local Leaders Expected to Attend

· Mayor Ralph Becker, Salt Lake City, Utah


· Mayor Greg Fischer, Louisville, Kentucky


· Commissioner Linda Langston, Linn County, Iowa


· Selectwoman Patricia Llodra, Newtown, Connecticut


· Mayor Mike McGinn, Seattle, Washington


· Mayor Michael Nutter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


· Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Allentown, Pennsylvania


· Mayor Ron Rordam, Blacksburg, Virginia


· Mayor R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis, Minnesota


· Mayor Stephen Scaffidi, Oak Creek, Wisconsin