Check out the theme music for President Obama on arrival in Philippines – click

Subject: Pre-set Pool Report #1 – arrival ceremony

Upon reaching the Malacanang Palace on this steamy afternoon, President Obama participated in an arrival ceremony with President Aquino. Several red carpets had been laid out in front of the palace, and the two leaders walked together on the carpet to a small, red-carpeted platform. They stood on the platform as a military band played both countries’ national anthems.

They then followed the red-carpeted path to walk past the band and a few dozen members of the military standing at attention. The two leaders briefly returned to their platform and then began making their way along a line of Philippine and U.S. officials, shaking hands and greeting each of them.

As they did this, a large musical ensemble began playing the theme song from “Beverly Hills Cop.” The mostly female group played xylophones and large woodwind instruments. The women wore flowered green dresses and danced as they played.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Aquino made their way over to the group and stopped for a moment to enjoy the music (still the “Beverly Hills Cop” theme at this point). They then ventured over to a roped-off area where a couple dozen people were waving small U.S. and Philippine flags. Obama quickly worked the rope line, shaking hands and greeting several people.

The ceremony lasted about 10 minutes, and the two leaders then disappeared inside to begin their meeting.

Colleen McCain Nelson
The Wall Street Journal