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Subject: In town pool# 1 Back at the WH

Marine One was wheels down at 11:30a.m. on a beautiful and sunny January day, clear blue skies. 

The President hopped out a minute later, and waited for daughter Malia, who carried a bright green backpack, to exit the chopper. 

Walking toward the residence, he placed his arm around his eldest daughter, who was smiling. 

POTUS waved to your pool.

“How was the trip?” A member of the pool asked. A response never came. 

FLOTUS, her arm around daughter Sasha, followed behind. The First Lady also waved to the pool. 

A casually dressed Valerie Jarrett, carrying a tote bag, also exited the chopper and followed the first family into the residence. 

Amie Parnes
White House Correspondent 
The Hill