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Subject: Pool report #7 – State Dinner


POTUS delivered a light-hearted toast for five minutes at 8:46 p.m. at the lavish State Dinner for President Hollande of France. “Viva la France, God bless America, and long live the alliance between our great nations,” he said.


Hollande spoke immediately after, for about four minutes, thanking POTUS and FLOTUS before making some remarks in French.


“We love the United States and you love the French, although you’re sometimes too shy to say so,” Hollande said to laughs, according to his translator.


Reporters were kept behind a rope line at the back of the room. We were ushered out immediately after the toasts.


A couple of notables:


–Bradley Cooper was spotted chatting up Secretary of State John Kerry for a few moments before the toasts began.


–Julia Louis-Dreyfus sat next to actual Veep, Joe Biden, at the dinner.


Stephen Colbert was seated next to FLOTUS at the head table with POTUS and Hollande.


–Eliseo Medina, the activist who fasted for 22 days in support of immigration reform, also sat at the head table.