Deep sobs heard…

Subject: Pool Report #10

Newtown, HS

Deep female sobs were heard from several sections of the audience, as the president started to read the names of the teachers who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

People are watching the president's speech quietly and intently, the eyes of some people are glistening with tears in the television lights.

There was laughter as the president spoke about how the children in the school were "dutifully following instructions as young children sometimes do" and again when Obama talked about how one small child said, it was okay because he knew karate.

The president is speaking without a teleprompter and he carried his remarks in his dark folder. 
In front of his podium are lighted candles in tumblers representing the victims.

Earlier, at moments of deep silence during the service, the hush was broken by the cries of several small children and babies, getting restless in the audience.

Stephen Collinson