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Subject: Travel Pool Report #4 — arrival ceremony and pool spray

Upon arrival at Kadriorg Palace, President Obama and President Ilves participated in a formal ceremony. The two presidents stood together in front of the peach palace with a green roof as a military band played both national anthems.

They walked along a red carpet as service members stood at attention. Obama then walked over to say hello to a group of children waving Estonian and American flags. He enthusiastically greeted several children and offered a high five to one child.

After the brief ceremony, the two leaders proceeded inside for an official handshake in front of the two countries’ flags.

Obama then sat down at a desk to sign the guestbook, spending a minute or so carefully writing out a message. “It’s an honor to visit Estonia — a nation that shows what free peoples can achieve together. May we strengthen our friendship for future generations,” he wrote before signing his name.

The two presidents entered an ornate room for their meeting. With crystal chandeliers overhead, five officials from each country lined either side of a long table. Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes sat to Obama’s right.

Ilves was offering a brief welcome in English as the pool entered the room. Obama told him, “It’s wonderful to be here” and remarked on the lovely weather as the pool was escorted out of the meeting.

Colleen McCain Nelson
The Wall Street Journal