Subject: Pool report #1 On a cloudy but quite nice day, POTUS is hitting the links. At 12:11 pm, he left from the North Portico of the White House. Your pooler only caught the slightest glimpse, but it looked like POTUS was wearing a windbreaker. Pennsylvania Ave was shut down, with yellow tape holding back scores of onlookers in Lafayette Park. Some of those onlookers smiled and took photos. Others were protesters, shouting something your pooler couldn't decipher (but thanks to the long lens of a pool photographer, it was possible to make out an anti-drone banner that depicted a drone striking a little family). After an uneventful motorcade ride, we arrived at Andrews AFB around 12:40pm. As POTUS headed toward the golf course, pool split off and is holding in the food court at the Base Exchange. Per a White House aide, here's the list of those playing golf with POTUS (all of them WH aides): Marvin Nicholson Joe Paulsen Mike Brush ------------------------------------- Matt Viser, national political reporter The Boston Globe, Washington Bureau