I wonder if President Obama and Governor Jan Brewer spoke to each other

Per a WH official, FLOTUS was wearing a Naeem Khan dress.


Also spotted of note among the many governors, spouses and admin officials: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer. She was at the same table as Dan Pfeiffer.

Brewer declined to attend last year’s dinner. According to a transcript of the Feb. 26, 2012, Meet the Press, she said this:

“I said that, you know, this event was a social thing. You know, I am a governor, I’ve got priorities and I will be there Monday when we all meet and, and discuss policy.”


Dinner transcript is out.

I’d note POTUS got polite chuckles in the room for the joke referencing last year’s election and his many visits to Ohio, Iowa and Colorado.


Also, Markell’s remarks had a *lot* of rhyming in his tribute to the troops and to POTUS. And his toast to POTUS, FLOTUS and the Bidens ended with this:
“We may come from the mountain states or from the South or plains or coast, we’re one country and one people, in important ways we are united, and for the chance to offer you our greatest thanks, I really am delighted.”

-Steven T. Dennis

White House Reporter

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