Landed – Estonia

Subject: Travel pool report #2

Obama emerged from AF1 and gave a wave to the usual lineup of photogs on risers across the tarmac. He briefly shook hands with the officials listed below. Minutes later, we were rolling to the Swissotel, where he’s due for some down time before the day of meetings begins.

The short drive took us past a slick, new-looking strip mall, modern high-rise apartments, several older, aged stone buildings and a “New York Pizza” shop. The hotel sits on a wide street liner by Georgio Armani billboards featuring Cate Blanchett.

At 6:40, the pool is holding at the hotel.

One note in the flight: We celebrated Ann Compton’s last flight with a champagne toast and chocolate cake. She was visited by Susan Rice and Josh Earnest, and asked up to the front cabin for a visit with the president once we’d landed.

Greeters, per the White House.

– Urmas Paet, Minister of Foreign Affairs
– Ambassador Jeff Levine, U.S. Ambassador to Estonia
– Ambassador Eerik Marmei, Appointed Estonian Ambassador to the U.S.
– Toomas Kahur, Chief of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
– Merle Maigre, Security Policy Adviser to the President