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Subject: travel pool report #2/Denver arrival and gaggle


Travel pool report #2/Denver arrival and gaggle


Air Force One touched down at Buckley Air Force Base in Denver on schedule at 1:35 pm local time. Taxiing now.


Next stop Denver Police Academy.


Jay Carney gaggled en route. Topics included guns, Keystone pipeline, Bush library, North Korea, immigration. Please check quotes against transcript that probably landed before we did.


He was most impassioned discussing the president’s demand for a vote on gun control measures.


“He’s not asking for a vote for political reasons. He’s asking for a vote because the victims of Newtown and of Aurora and Virginia Tech and countless lesser known victims of gun violence across America deserve at least a vote. And the kids who were killed – the 20 children who were killed in Newtown, they weren’t Republicans or Democrats. They didn’t care and their parents don’t care about the political implications of voting yes or no on these bills,” Carney said. “They want things done to give other children more protection from this kind of violence.”


No fan of a threatened filibuster, asserting that it would be “shameful” to use parliamentary tactics to prevent a vote. “Vote no. Don’t block a vote. That’s not doing service to the memory of these kids,” he said.


Defends the use of a police academy for today’s event in Denver, and disputes any perception that Obama wants to impinge on Second Amendment rights.


On the Obamas’ plan to attend the April 25 opening of the Bush library in Dallas, along with all living ex-presidents:


“He’s very pleased to be going and looks forward to it. The office of president of the United States is a pretty rare position to hold and only those who have held it can fully appreciate what it means to be president of the United States. He shares in common with President George W. Bush a love, a deep love, for his country, and appreciates President Bush’s service, and looks forward to being there with him as well as with President George H.W. Bush and Presidents Clinton and Carter.”


On immigration, Carney indicated lack of enthusiasm for the Rubio regular order, take time to fully debate it approach, arguing that the basics of the legislation have been debated since 2006.


“The president has made clear that he believes that there is no reason to delay this process, there is no reason to postpone it,” he said.




Todd Gillman

Dallas Morning News